World of Cufflinks

Quality Cufflinks for Stylish Gents

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life
— Bill Cunningham

About World of Cufflinks

We are two Melbourne accountants who like wearing cufflinks but don’t want the tired old designs or the five hundred dollar price tag. These days men are not afraid to wear a touch of pink or a bit of sparkle. This isn’t the 1950s.

Quality Cufflinks for You

You want cufflinks that are elegant and high quality. But hundreds of dollars seems like a rip off to you. You believe there’s a way to get quality pieces without paying extra for a little blue box that goes in the bin.  



Designed by Australians for Australian Men

We created World of Cufflinks to offer Australian men an alternative to the traditional cufflink designs. Our Australian designed cufflinks are just as high quality but without the designer price tag.


Quality Cufflinks

Sure, you can get a pair of cufflinks for twenty bucks. But they tarnish and they break and they just look cheap. We reckon you’re better off buying cufflinks that actually last the distance and look better too.


Our cufflinks are made with the highest quality materials and are rhodium plated to prevent tarnish. All crystals are Swarovski – they’re the best kind. Our pearls are freshwater.

We Found Out What YOU Want

We spoke to accountants, lawyers, stockbrokers, consultants, marketers, estate agents and financiers about cufflinks. We asked what they like about cufflinks and what wearing cufflinks means to them. Here’s what they said:

·         “Wearing cufflinks gives me confidence”

·         “I like the tailored look”

·         “I wear them for client presentations – they give me added confidence”

·         “It shows I’m meticulous about my appearance and I am just as meticulous about my numbers”

·         “I like cufflinks but I’m not going to pay over four hundred dollars."

“As more and more people dress casually in the office, I like to think that I stand out with my more traditional, professional presentation”