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Spring Racing Men's Fashion: Top Picks

FashionKate Merryweather

So, the big deal at Flemington this year was the relaxing of the men's dress code. Going without socks is now permitted. Well done Flemington and the VRC for staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

It was great fun to see the stylish gents showing off their stuff, both in the birdcage and general administration sections.

Here's our tip picks for the best dressed of the carnival.


Kris Smith

Kris Smith.png










The Myer ambassador looks dapper in subtle pinstripe and touches of red in the tie and pocket kerchief. Bonus points for perfect shirt cuff placement and designer wristwatch. The gold of his lapel contrast nicely with the red of his accessories.

The Bachelors: Sam Wood and Tim Robards

The Bachelors Sam Wood Tim Robards.png











Both these reality TV stars are demonstrating the effectivenes of deliberate mismatching trousers and jacket, while still looking polished. These Bachelors are big units but their jackets fit well across the chest. They're both following the rule for jackets, top button done up, lower button undone.


Ian Thorpe and Ryan Channing

Ian Thorpe and Ryan Channing.png











Nothing beats the simple elegance of black and white. Both these suits are well tailored and classic.  Props to Ian for going without socks and his trousers are cut a touch shorter to show it off. Also, it's nice to see Ian wearing the official lapel flower for  Derby Day, the cornflower.

Anthony Callea


Anthony Callea.png

This singing star always gets his tailoring right. Even though he's on the shorter side, his proporptions are spot on. He's not afraid to go bold with colour and keeps the accessories simple to compensate. What's he carrying? A man-bag? A man-clutch? It certainly is an improvement when compared with the many AFL footballers shoving their phone and wallet in their front trouser pocket.

Heath Meldrum

Heath Meldrum.png

It helps when you're a model and your lovely wife Brodie Harper is by your side. Doesn't he look a little like Patrick Swayze - or is it just us? His suit is super slick, and all the elements seem to work together. The white piping, the tie-pin, the kerchief and the sheen of the suit are very dapper.


All images via Fashion Critical