World of Cufflinks

Interview with a cufflink wearer

Kate Merryweather

Recently we were chatting to a customer, Andy, all about wearing cufflinks. Because we're in the cufflink business, it's important to us to understand why men like Andy wear them.

During this discussion, we had an Oprah-style a-ha moment.

This will make a great blog post!

So here it is. Meet Andy. He's a cufflink-wearing, Essendon-supporting finance guy.

Andy Cufflinks.png

Q. Who are you?

A. I'm Andy, I'm an accountant from Melbourne.

Q. What do you like about wearing cufflinks?

A. I haven't given this much thought! Cufflinks are professional, they show you've paid that extra bit of attention with your apperance. When I'm giving advice to senior decision makers in my company, I want to appear knowledgeable, reliable and authoritative. Visual impressions matter in business. I think cufflinks help create a positive impression.

Q. When did you start wearing cufflinks?

A. When I was in my mid-twenties I worked in London for a few years. Cufflinks are very popular over there. That was my first introduction to cufflinks. When I came home to Melbourne I was about 27 and I wanted to take that next step in my career, move up into decision making, leadership roles. I was working at a bank, and with so many employees, I was in danger of becoming one of the faceless many. Wearing cufflinks was a subtle way of showing I'm serious about my career, I'm ambitious and professional. Also, I had a bit of a boyish face back then, so I wanted to seem more mature, and cufflinks helped with that. (Now I'm in my 40s I'd prefer to look younger.)

Q. What are your favourite styles of cufflinks?

A. I like standard, classic styles like discs and barbells. I will not be caught dead wearing any kind of novelty cufflink. Silver is my preferred finish. One of my favourite pairs (besides the World of Cufflink range of course) is a replica Hermes pair I picked up in Guangzhou, China about eight years ago. They still look as good as new. People notce them and comment from time to time, they recognise the logo. I'm not sure whether that gives a good impression of me or not!

Q. How many pairs do you own?

A. Not too many, I have about six pairs in constant rotation. My daughters like to play with them so I have lost a few pairs that way. I have one pair that I never wear, but I will never throw away. It is a Lego cufflink in red and black for Essendon. My eldest daughter bought it for me for Father's Day. They are pretty horrendous to look at but I will keep them always. 

Q. Do you wear cufflinks daily?

A. No, not every day. I tend to save them for meetings with senior management, the CFO, the CEO and important external stakeholders. In summer we have a relaxed dress code so I'll wear tailored shorts with a shirt, I'd look pretty weird if I was wearing French cuff shirts alongside colleagues in linen shorts and relaxed shirts.

Q. One last question. What is your favourite cufflink from our range?

A. I'll choose the leaf cufflink. I like the simple styles best.

Leaf Cufflinks.png