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Christmas Gifts For Men: Reasons why it’s so hard to buy gifts for men

Dianna Butterworth

Buying Christmas gifts for men is hard work. If there’s a man in your life, there’s no doubt a secret stash of unwanted Christmas gifts hidden somewhere. The golf calendar from his mum, the expensive watch from his partner that isn’t his style, the nifty gadget his uncle thinks is cool.

Today, we’ll explore some of the top gifts for men and explain why they’re problematic.


Men like what they like. If they’re over the age of 21, men don’t want their other half or their parents buying them clothes. There’s always that one bloke at the Australia Day barbecue looking slightly uncomfortable in his crisp, brand new shirt. You know he’s wearing it because he’s forced to. Don’t be that guy. Don’t accept clothes. Too many issues with fit and style.

Branded novelty items

Sometimes, a bloke likes The Walking Dead or golf or a footy team. But, that doesn’t mean he wants a tie or a desk calendar or a mobile phone case with The Walking Dead or golf or a footy team all over it. In fact, the opposite is true. So, yeah...nah.

Another thing men don’t want is plastic novelty stuff that is funny for two seconds. It’s discarded and forgotten, then a few lears later, it becomes landfill. All for that waste of money and plastic for a funny two seconds.


You’d think that vouchers are a good idea, and they are. In theory. Get a voucher, the man can buy what he wants, when he wants it. But the reality is that the voucher is going to be spent in a rush on the day it expires, probably to buy groceries or a present for someone else. Or worse, it will not be spent at all. Vouchers are like giving a busy man another item on the to do list.

Stuff from Bunnings

Bunnings is a great place. Like all Australian men, we worship the place. But, Bunnings is a place for DIY. Get a bloke something from Bunnings and you’re getting him work. A present should be a thing of genuine enjoyment, not a new lawn mower. No one would dream of buying a modern woman a vacuum or blender—it would be an outrage. So why is it okay to get a bloke a new hose or a drill to fix the wobbly fence? Unless the item is for a hobby he enjoys, stuff from Bunnings should be considered household expenditure, not a gift.

BBQ Stuff

There’s something odd about the range of barbecue and accessory products on the market. Aprons, spices, tongs, cleaning and care kits… it’s weird. Since when did barbecues become a “man thing?” Do men really enjoy cooking the barbecue? Some do, sure, but maybe not everyone. Just saying. Ask yourself: does this man genuinely enjoy cooking barbecues? Men who like cooking barbecues will do it for a weeknight family dinner with no guests. If your man doesn’t fit into that category, he’s probably not a barbecue lover.

Socks and Jocks

Do we really have to explain why this is a bad idea? It’s just so… sensible. Men have their preferences when it comes to socks and jocks. If you don’t know these preferences, it’s best to avoid. Don’t be a cliche that gives a man socks and jocks.

But... what to buy instead?

Clearly it’s not easy. Especially on a budget. If your finances extend to the latest MacBook Pro, XBox or Apple Watch, there’ll probably be no complaints. But if not, you’re stuck.

Here’s some suggestions.

  • Booze: not from Dan Murphy’s—get cool craft beers or boutique, hard-to-find whisky

  • Lessons: if he’s wanted to learn guitar, cooking or wine tasting, send him off to a few classes

  • Cufflinks: well of course, we’re gonna suggest cufflinks. The barbells are our top seller this Christmas  

  • Escape room experiences: these are awesome fun

  • Subscriptions: there’s a subscription box for everyone these days. Wine, golf, fitness, cooking, whisky. Each month he’ll get a gift in the mail, so it’s a gift that keeps giving all year.

  • Dinners: not the vouchers, but actual bookings for dinners at top restaurants. Men like to eat. What could be easier?  

  • Books: non-fiction of course—sports memoirs, finance, business, comedy. When in doubt, find out the best-sellers and go with them.

  • Sports gear: if the man in your life enjoys keeping fit, then good quality exercise gear is always welcome.

Merry Christmas to all the busy men from the World of Cufflinks team.


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