World of Cufflinks

29 Style Tips Your Dad Should Have Told You

Kate Merryweather


1.      Don’t buy acrylic jumpers. They pull. Get quality.

2.      Your tie should sit at your belt buckle. Donald Trump wears them overlong: avoid.

3.      Speaking of ties, learn how to do a proper Windsor knot.

4.      Cufflinks make everything look classier.

5.      Women notice your shoes, so make them noticeable for the right reasons.

6.      Get suit pieces altered. The right fit is everything.

7.      Short sleeve shirts are (generally) a no-go.

8.      But, rolling up the sleeves on your long sleeve shirt is a winner.

9.      Learn how to iron your shirts properly or pay someone else to do it.

10.   Be ready to throw out shirts showing any hint of stains or scruffing.

11.   Jewellery: proceed with the utmost of caution. (Wedding rings excepted, of course.)

12.   Stop wearing that cologne from 2005. Try a new scent already.

13.   Cheap belts make a great suit look cheap. Good belts make a cheap suit look…better.

14.   Carry a pocket square.

 Pocket squares are essential. You never know when you'll need to wipe away a beautiful stranger's tears.

Pocket squares are essential. You never know when you'll need to wipe away a beautiful stranger's tears.

15.   Be discerning when it comes to any clothing with a prominent brand logo. Are you a man, or a billboard?

16.   You should own and wear a variety of stylish sunglasses.

17.   The bottom button on the jacket always stays undone.

18.   Also, jackets remain buttoned, unless you’re seated.

19.   Shirt cuffs should be one centimetre visible from your jacket sleeves.

20.   Beware the shirt fitting loosely around the neck, unless you want to look like you borrowed your Dad’s shirt.

21.   Know the difference between dress codes for weddings and formal events.

22.   A subtle nod to your partner’s outfit shows class. Stand together in the mirror and consider potential clashes. This applies regardless of your partner’s gender.

23.   Pinstripes are classy, but avoid looking like you’re attending a 1920s gangster dress up party.

24.   Want to repel a potential bedroom partner? Wear worn out jocks, socks with holes and keep those faded stinky sheets on your bed. Otherwise, upgrade all three regularly.   

25.   A bit of designer stubble can disguise an unwanted double chin.

26.   Sometimes, you will be invited to dress up parties. Get in the swing of it. Don’t be the guy who sulks in the corner in his usual check shirt while Buzz Lightyear dominates the dance floor.

27.   When in doubt, pick a Hollywood style icon or Instagram influencer and copy.

28.   A quality watch is a timeless accessory. Make the investment.

29.   Pinterest is not just for brides. There’s a plethora of visual style guides on everything from matching shoes with suits, shirt cuffs, grooming hacks, mixing patterns and much more.