World of Cufflinks

Interview with a cufflink wearer

Kate Merryweather

Recently we were chatting to a customer, Andy, all about wearing cufflinks. Because we're in the cufflink business, it's important to us to understand why men like Andy wear them.

During this discussion, we had an Oprah-style a-ha moment.

This will make a great blog post!

29 Style Tips Your Dad Should Have Told You

Kate Merryweather

1.      Don’t buy acrylic jumpers. They pull. Get quality.

2.      Your tie should sit at your belt buckle. Donald Trump wears them overlong: avoid.

3.      Speaking of ties, learn how to do a proper Windsor knot.

4.      Cufflinks make everything look classier.

5.      Women notice your shoes, so make them noticeable for the right reasons.

6.      Get suit pieces altered. The right fit is everything.

7.      Short sleeve shirts are (generally) a no-go.

Style Icon: Brad Pitt

Hollywood IconsKate Merryweather

The man has suave in spades. His appeal goes beyond his good looks. Many attractive young men have found that fame in Hollywood is fleeting. But Brad is still going strong all these years after his 1991 breakthrough turn in Thelma and Louise as a charming, thieving, romancing young drifter.